About us


We started our activity in the year 2012, and we are specialists in providing management services to Health Care Financers, which include the management of the Health Insurance of the Insurers and the Self-funding Plans for Companies.

We have a presence in Angola, Mozambique and Portugal, where we manage a portfolio of clients distributed by several Insurers and Companies, seeking to find the perfect balance between the best service to our clients and maximizing the optimization of costs.

At MEDIPLUS, we have the ability to manage unique Health Plans customized to each client's needs, with a high focus on Innovation and Technology, where we have Plug & Play solutions, giving a competitive advantage to the constantly evolving markets .

Mission & Vision

To be a Global reference in the Management of Health Plans.


Deliver what we promise.


To be leaders in the management of Health plans participating actively in the Digital transformation, with the introduction of Innovative Solutions in the Health Plans.

Our Team - Values

We seek to build an organization based on the following values:


Interact with our customers through the creation and sharing of knowledge


Leadership requires courage, vision, and integrity.


We deliver what we promise and add value to exceed expectations.


The spirit of "problem solver" and the search for opportunity for improvement are in our DNA.


We are open and transparent, maintaining high standards of ethics and professional conduct.