What we do

Health Insurance Management

Comprehensive, digitally and highly differentiated solution that enables insurers to accommodate all of their end-to-end processes with a high level of rigor and compliance.

Healthcare management for Self-funding companies

We provide efficient, flexible and personalized solutions, supported by actuaries, enabling companies to properly define and manage Health benefits for their members.

Body Damage Management

A specialized team on the management and administrative processes, from a check to the recovery of the victims and their return to work.

International Health

Our concierge team ensures access to Health Programs, 2nd Medical Opinion and International Check-ups, in partnership with the best hospitals, clinics and health professionals.

Digital Health

We offer an intelligent eHealth and mHealth solutions with the possibility of integrating of medical devices.

Why Mediplus

Focus & Expertise

We are specialists in the efficient claims and case management, control of the rules, expenses and costs associated to the health processes of the members for the health care financiers.

Technology Leadership

We have taken a leading position towards the full digital transformation of your Business, allowing customers the access to all compliance information.

Strategy & Credibility

Use our knowledge and experience to serve your business strategy. Our team of professionals accumulate years of experience in the management of insurance and health plans.

Customer Service & Quality

Our commitment to the Customer and permanent availability allows us to provide quality and personalized services in line with each Client's profile.

Serviços TPA

Eligibility of Members

We use cards with RFID Technology for online validation of members and their contractual benefits, with fraud and usage control mechanisms by gender, age, frequency and pre-authorization.

Network of Providers

We manage a broad network of certified providers, including hospitals, clinics, diagnostic and treatment centers, dental clinics, opticians and pharmacies.

Billing Management

Digital control of the entire billing cycle, automating business rules and specificity in invoice validation, allowing for increased efficiency and cost control.

Pre-authorization and Clinical Management 24/7

Managed by a medical team 24/7, we perform the analysis of all processes in real time, allowing faster response and optimization of costs.

Product Management

Technical management at product level, allowing detailed definition of benefits, limits, coverage and member management.

Technical Reports

We provide access to online business information, technical reports, dashboards and data analysis tools to our customers.